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Daily Forecast News - FREE By Rev. Joanie A. Vogel - Need a Website? - FREE DOWNLOAD Discover Your Destiny

AstroNology - This Star Chart is a talisman representing the unique planetary placement at the time of your birth. This is not Astrology or Astronomy but  Astronology™ a true representation of the cosmic picture at the time of your birth (or any other moment in time that you choose). Available in sterling silver, 14K or 18K gold or platinum with the stones of your choice ranging from diamonds to zircon. - Go to:
Energy Rings - An Electro-Magnetic Device ..... Uses the Earth's Magnetic Energy to induce change in Energy Fields by the Induction method. Energy Rings are highly praised by Energy Healing Professionals such as Reiki Healers and energy healers of all modalities. Enter to win a free EnergyRing. - go to: 
  Harmony Grins - Here is your online source for aromatherapy jewelry. Discover the perfect necklace in which to put your favorite pure essential oil or blend (usually on a little felt pad) and feel the joy of finding what you've been looking for that has form, function AND beauty! Email: 360-873-4001, P.O. Box 159, Marblemount, WA 98267 -
Golden Mean Jewelry - Using Sacred Geometry and the Golden Mean Proportions to create jewelry that encourages balance in beauty. go to:
Energy Singer - Reverend Joanie A. Vogel. 'A Spiritual Trainer, Dedicated to Your Soul's Progression' sings a Cellular Healing Sound Meditation. Available on CD from joanie -
Helping Hands - Would you like to respond, rather than react, to situations in your life? Do you want to end your pain and release energetic blockages? Would you like to be more at ease at home, at work, and in life? You can. I assist you in three ways: by providing answers and insights through intuitive readings, by sharing self-healing energy, and through the art and science of feng shui. Subscribe to the free weekly, "Insights E-Zine" -- a few paragraphs a week that move you toward thinking, speaking, and acting consciously. Email: - Phone: 425-252-0439; 206-679-0316 (cell) - PO Box 12136 - Everett, WA 98206-2136 - and

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Daily Forecast News - FREE By Rev. Joanie A. Vogel

Energy Rings Where Physics Meets Metaphysics

Bluebird of Happiness Club for Everyone - "The Bluebird of Happiness Club for Everyone" has sessions two to three evenings monthly from September through June in locations North of Seattle, WA. The club originated in May of 2003 and does not have any club dues or membership requirements, etc. Sessions have various speakers on metaphysical and alternative healing subjects and is a forum for information on spiritual topics and is a non-religious group. Rev. Norma Menzies & Bluebird (Messenger Guide) - Founder of "Bluebird of Happiness Club" - Spiritual Consulting - Channeling - Art - Event Planning - Phone: (425) 379-6101 E-mail: - Events are posted on the website All are welcome to attend.

Energy Healing Jewelry - Hand-forged jewelry to assist in magnetic healing by moving energy thru induction coils made of copper, silver ,or gold. For product catalog and accessories. go to:

Naturally Spiritual - is selling beautiful sterling silver jewelry w/ stylish design that keeps your spirit in mind; designs and stones that are a natural extension of your true spirit and beauty. - Email: - Phone: 978-657-5005 - Wilmington, Ma 01887 -

Divine Intentions - Carol Kafer: Reader ~ Healer ~ Licensed Hypnotherapist. "Spiritual Guidance Counselor" Destiny Reports. Email: DivineIntentions -

Spirits of NativeLIGHT - Rev. Wolfwoman - Wendi Robinson - Spiritual/Transformation Alchemyst, Hawai'ian Healing, Reiki, Shamanism, Crystal Therapy, Board Certified Hypnotherapist, Spiritual Counselor, Aromatherapy, TimeLine Therapy - Home Study and Live Classes - Distance and Live Healing - Holistic Products -Minister - Email: wolfwoman - Phone: 206-387-3735 - P. O. Box 17918 Seattle, WA 98105 -

Astronomy+Astrology=Astronology- A Talisman representing the unique planetary placement at the time of your birth. This is not Astrology or Astronomy but  Astronology™ a true representation of the cosmic picture at the time of your birth. Available in sterling silver, 14K or 18K gold or platinum with the stones of your choice ranging from diamonds to zircon. Email -

Intuitive Counselor/Aura Reader - Intuitive Counselor/Aura Reader/Hypnotherapy for Addictions. Sessions by telephone, online, or one-on-one by appt. Master's degree Counselor. I do not predict the future, but together, we will explore the past and the present in order for you to heal emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. As imbalances in the auric field are transformed, we can bring old ways of seeing, feeling, and being into the light of the present and develop a consciousness of gratitude and inner strength and power. Highly trained substance abuse counselor. - Email: - Phone: (503) 977-2176 -

Phenomena - Debbie Ballard: Clairvoyant/Clairsentient/Medical Intuit specializing in Psychic Psychometry. Readings available in person, or via telephone, mail or the internet - Email: phenomena - Phone: 253-334-7910 - 10605 SE 240th St., #472, Kent, WA 98031 -

Tree Frog Farm, Inc. - Diana Gay Pepper: Flower Essences & Aromatherapy products direct from the producer at Tree Frog Farm. Personal and phone consultations available with Diana Gay Pepper who works with the Nature & Plant Spirits for Human/Nature Health and Balance. - Email: TreefrogFarm - 3679 Sunrise Rd. Lummi Island, WA 98262 - Phone: 360.758.7260 -

Golden Mean Jewelry - Using Sacred Geometry and the Golden Mean Proportions to create jewelry that encourages balance in inner and outer beauty. Email -

Pelham Grayson Inc. - Metaphysical and New Age Gifts and souvenirs including crystals, minerals, incense, Salt lamps, tribalcrafts from Indonesia, Gemstone Fountains and much much more offered at wholesale prices for resale or for individual use with low minimum purchase requirements. Email . 100 Mechanic Street, Pawcatuck, Connecticut 06379 - Phone: 860-599-0646 -

Transformational Tools Made Simple - Transformational Tools Made Simple Looking for ways to move ahead in your life journey? Here are simple tools using color, meditation, visualization, counseling, articles, and newsletters offered by Arlene Arnold, author of "ColorCards." - Email - Try the free color reading!

Energy Rings - Jewelry for Health and Beauty. An Electro-Magnetic Device ..... Uses the Earth's Magnetic Energy to induce change in Energy Fields by the Induction method. Enter to win a free EnergyRing - Email - 

Harmony Grins - Fill your excellent, comprehensive online source for exceptional quality, premium grade pure essential oils, as well as blends, kits, mists & carrier oils. Included are aromatherapy jewelry, diffusers & accessories. Also, excellent lines of skin care & other personal care products as well as herbals, supplements, products for cleansing, ORMUS & more. Custom Aromatherapy Blends for spirit, mental/emotional & physical. Sylvee also does a monthly special ordering for people worldwide, but will also make arrangements to deliver (or meet to deliver) in the Skagit County area. Feel free to inquire for more information. - Email - 360-873-4001, P.O. Box 159, Marblemount, WA 98267, -

Handmade Prayer Beads and Rosaries - Buddhist Items and Handcrafted Malas, Rosaries, and Unique One of a kind Jewelry. Almost all Malas are handmade from semi-precious stones, Rosaries are ss cross and medal, with semi-precious stones on aluminum wire. Look for Unique Jewelry updates on the website - Jung Mercantile -

Illuminations by Carol - As an intuitive counselor since 1980, I strive to provide practical information to help you along your path of soul growth.Because you create your own reality, my goal is to help you see the highest path available to you. With the combination of intuition, and various divination tools like astrology, tarot, runes, color therapy, chakra work, aromatherapy, and numerology you will find the path to navigate the energy blockages which hinder you from reaching the heights your soul has chosen this lifetime. - -

Kevin P Walder CHt - Hypnotherapy Services in Everett, WA. Self Hypnosis CD Programs for sale. Free articles posted on website - Email - Phone: 425-220-9029 -

Zibu, Language of the Angels - The Language of Zibu is an Angelic Language of symbols. These energetically powerful symbols are expressed through Sterling silver wire to create Zibu jewelry as necklaces, earrings and hand-held meditation pieces. Each piece is accompanied by a channeled Angelic message of hope, love and encouragement. - Debbie Zylstra Almstedt - PO Box 55751 Shoreline, WA 98155 - Phone: 206.365.6869 - Email -

Readings By Tiffany - Providing confidential, ethical readings via Channeling, Tarot & Mediumship. In-person, phone and email consultations available. Reiki II Practitioner. Ordained minister. - Tiffany 117 Riverwoods Ln. Burnsville, MN 55337 - Phone: 612-272-2561 - Email -

UK Day U Were Born - Based In The UK, KJ Futures (established in 1998) Suppliers Of Horoscope Profile Charts For The Day You Were Born, Also Suppliers Of The Day You Were Born Personal History Charts, Wedding Anniversay & The Day Your Baby Was Christened Charts. Free Postage & Packing Guaranteed. Plus All Charts Are A4 Sized & Laminated To Make - KJ Futures: PO Box 281, BIRKENHEAD, United Kingdom, CH41 8WJ - Phone: 0845 1210 417 + 07958268584 - Lines Open 24/7 For All Enquiries & Orders... - Email -

Spiritual Church - Asklepius Light Center - (as-klep-e-us) We are dedicated to Self Healing Self Empowerment, and Cosmic Mind. Sunday service 11:00 am at Lynnwood PUD Bldg 21018 Hwy 99, Edmonds WA. We offer a variety of informed speakers, applicable information, personal testimony, Spiritual tools, and subjects. Networking, bi-monthly newsletter, work shops, lectures and weddings. - PO Bx 69613, SeaTac, WA 98168- Rev. Jeanne M. Williams - Phone: 206-244-1712 - Email: -

Self Empowerment thru Generational, Spiritual, and Energetic Healing - Trauma/Abuse; Grief/Loss; Physical/Spiritual transformation; Relationships; Parenting; Anger/Stress/ Pain management. - Cynthia Sams MA, MEd, LMFT - Self Empowerment thru Generational, Spiritual, & Energetic Clearing - Phone: 425-252-8392

Lifes Passages - Psychic and Tarot readings by Phone, Toll Free: Romance, Finances, Employment or Business, Relocating, Missing Persons and Pets, Depression, Court Appearances, Crisis Management, Remote Viewing - Rita M - Email: -

FaeWood HTM - Handmade toiletries, holistic products and services, and printing services. - Email: -

Energetic Bonding - Amazing positive shifts have occurred for people from this 40-minute Energetic Bonding/Singing Meditation Session. Abundance just seems to flow in, including more money coming in, jobs showing up, free services and discounts coming their way and opportunities presenting themselves in perfect timing. - Schedule your own Session Event Request complete details from -

Metaphors For Life - For those who have or wish to have active and practical spiritual lives. MFL provides free articles and newsletters to subscribers, plus offers books, guided mediation CDs, counseling, mentoring, cassette tapes, and other products to assist in the work of personal transformation. - Michael & Alesia Matson, 1231 Myrtle Ave. Ste B, Eureka CA 95501 - email: -

Light Touch Energy - Everyone needs a little insight and guidance from time to time. Julienne has been reading the tarot for over 20 years. Her guidance is insightful, compassionate and accurate. She uses the cards in combination with energy work and intuition which provides a comprehensive reading for the customer. - Julienne Audette, PO Box 1516 - Langley, WA 98260 - Phone: 360-730-1779 ext 3 - email: -

Transformational Counseling - An extraordinary and masterful teacher of the nature of reality, universal principles and transformative processes. Paul offers telephone sessions to assist with life coaching and exploring avenues for acheiving goals and aspirations. He is intently interested in working with individuals who are on the path of self-discovery, have a desire to deepen personal understanding and consider themselves able to attain wisdom. This site is shared with an online source for exceptional quality, premium grade pure essential oils, as well as blends, kits, mists, carrier oils and much more. - Paul Crockett, P.O. Box 159 - Marblemount, WA 98267 - Phone: (360) 873-2321 - Email: -

Sea of Joy - New Energy Facilitator - EMF Balancing Technique® Practitioner - Eli Galla -I am a certified advanced practitioner of the EMF Balancing Technique®. I nurture my clients with ways they can implement the changes I initiate in their energy field, which enable these new energy dynamics. - Eli Galla - 9512 1st Ave NE #306 - Seattle, WA 98115-2019 - Phone: 206-344-5164 - Email: -

Dakara Kies - Spiritual Coaching, Counseling & Energy Healing. Holistic Products for Health, Solutions for Life. Fruta Vida – The Fruit of Life from the Brazilian Rainforest-Anti Aging Juice, Gano Café Healthy Coffee, Masters Miracle Products, Ear Candles, Flower Essences and a whole lot more! - Phone: 800-813-3877 - PO Box 1354 - Marysville, WA 98270. - Email: -

Angels Rest Inner Light Center - We are constructing a place of renewal and learning, centered on the principles of Simplicity, Balance, and Inner Resource. Nothing elaborate, just two labyrinths of ancient design, a learning space or two, a streamside pavilion, and a meditation walk with grottos for contemplation, journeling, or whatever your Spirit calls you to do. We are just starting to build, and, like life, we will progress one phase at a time, so keep visiting our web site to keep up with the progress. All prayers, light, and positive energy greatly appreciated. A Blessing Upon Your Day ! - Lydia L. Garrett - Phone: (503)897-3538 - 49933 Pebble Drive, Gates OR 97346 - -

Luminosities - Enchanted jewelry to make you shine! Limited edition, handcrafted earrings, diviners and pet charms. Pieces for you and your pet, enchanted by the artist to attract love, money, protection and other blessings. - Nicole Gilbert - Phone: 805-368-9528 - Email: - go to:

Spiritual Reader - Hestectoramus, otherwise known as Hector, is an ancient energy force from the Sixth Dimensional Plane, the plane of guides and Ascended Masters. Channeled readings are available by appointment. Meditatonal music and personalized healing CDs by sound master El Lopez are also offered. - Stacie Lau - Phone: 808-952-0880 - 1539 Kapiolani Blvd. Honolulu, Hawaii 96814 - -

Spirit Help - SpiritHelp is designed for Spiritual Enlightenment and creative methods for holistic living. We provide One-on-One coaching for anyone interested in a new way of living, without all the baggage. - D Bennett - Phone: 857-6168 - PO BOX 39 DEWEY, AZ 86327 - -

Frasco Concepts - Numerology - Personality Profiles & Forecasts, Relationship Compatibility, Short Personal Profiles, The Diamond, Numbers Around You, Name Advisor, Lucky Numbers, Chart Calculators and Colour Chart Maker - Bill Fraser - 3 Seaview Stree - Adelaide, South Australia 5170 - Phone: +61883274130 - Email: -

Man of Wisdom - An extraordinary and masterful teacher of the nature of reality, universal principles and transformative processes. Paul offers telephone sessions to assist with life coaching and exploring avenues for acheiving goals and aspirations. He is intently interested in working with individuals who are on the path of self-discovery, have a desire to deepen personal understanding and consider themselves able to attain wisdom. This site is shared with an online source for exceptional quality, premium grade pure essential oils, as well as blends, kits, mists, carrier oils and much more. - Paul Crockett, P.O. Box 159 - Marblemount, WA 98267 - Phone: (360) 873-2321 - Email: -

The I Am One Tarot - Gain accurate advice and deeper understanding of Past Present & Future events with the I Am One tarot cards. Talk to an experienced Clairvoyant / Artist. - - 418 E. Loretta Place #406 - Seattle, Washington 98102 - Phone: 206 3223579 - Email: -

Metaphysical Help - We offer Reiki, Ama Deus, and Chakra energy healing sessions in increments of 30 and 60 minutes. We also offer psyhic readings using Wax Scrying or Ceroscopy. In addtion, we do various classes and workshops including Ama Deus Healing Classes, Wicca High Priestess Training. For more information about our courses and services. - Claudette Drake-Holder - 113 E Northgate Court -High Point, NC 27265 - Phone: 336.510.4791 - -

MILLINEUM BOOKS AND GIFTS - Huge selection of angel products, incense, jewelry, statues, candles, Buddhas, garden items, bird feeders, metaphysical and much more. - Christina Haladyna and Jennifer Shmidt - -

Wise Woman Arts - Dr Deah Curry PhD - Consultations for Empowerment using astrology, tarot, flower essence healing, spiritual pathworking and other forms of subtle energy knowing by an academically trained, psychologically grounded, and energetically-oriented psychologist who uses intuitive-holistic-shamanic approaches to personal growth and emotional healing. When you're ready for new insights and perspectives on your current challenges, talents, and life purpose, when it's finally time to let your spirit soar, see my WiseWoman Arts and websites for details and special offers. I look forward to helping you get to the next level on your spiritual path. - Deah Curry PhD - Kirkland, WA 98034 - Phone: 425-814-9083 - Email: -

Dragonfly Circle - Dragonfly Circle is a membership network dedicated to assisting the public (members) in finding ethical, moral lightworkers (psychics, healers, etc.). Discounts, events, freebies and MORE! - Phone: 612-272-2561 - Email: -

Soul Quest Learning Center - We are a group of spiritual seekers managed by an ordained minister of the International Metaphysical Ministry. We have an active message board and a myriad of spiritual, metaphysical, Wicca and paranormal fun and informative pages, as well as lists (such as prose & poetry, recipes, book recommendations, a links list, etc.) to which members may contribute, as well as mundane information pages. Spiritual advice or counseling at request. - Barbara McLaughlin - Phone: 217 528-0629 - 428 Broad Place, Springfield, IL 62703 - Email: -

KybelStar Enterprises - Shaman and Psychic Healer - I am an ordained shaman by birthright, and have many years of training and experience in healing and divination. My Icelandic ancestors were tribal leaders, shamans and powerful healers. Let me help you realize your best potential. I offer many different kinds of shamanic counseling services in person, by phone, webcam chat , or email. Call or contact me by phone or email today. You'll be glad you did. I have worked in my community and around the world for many years. In addition, am very well known, trusted and respected for my work as a healer and diviner. Couples and Families welcome. - Sally Jacobsen - 210 South 300 East, Provo, Utah 86406 - Phone: 801-356-8999 - Email: -

Scot Albert - Hello and thank you for visiting! I have heard many definitions for Reiki, the best way I can describe Reiki is this; Reiki is a form of energetic healing work that would fall under the category of laying on of hands having it's roots in the culture of Japan. Reiki is gentle, non-invasive and soothing. The recipeint in a Reiki session simply remains on the table fully clothed with the exception of shoes as the practitioner places their hands at various locations on the recipients body. If you would like to know more, please contact me. - Scot Albert - P.O. BOX 74383 Davis, CA 95617 - Phone: 1-888-811-9519 or 1-530-848-8262 -
Email: -

Spirit Line - Clairvoyance & Astrology. Truth & Accuracy Assured. Telephone Readings. SMS. Genuine Gifted Psychic Mediums & Astrologers. - Kaz - Phone: 09066 611 617 - Address: 36, Middlewood Close, Eccleston, Chorley - England UK PR7 5QG - Email: -

The Gathering Place - A Center For Wellness. A holistic health and wellness New Age magazine site for metaphysical information, EMF and frequency news, sound wave energy, earth changes, channeled messages, research, Reiki, graphology, listing of events, and much more. - Phone: 719-256-5404 - PO Box 345 Moffat, CO 81143-0345 - Email: -

Johnny Sams - Astrology by Johnny Sams - Provides in-depth astrology consultations by Master's Certified Astrologer, Johnny Sams. - 3222 Euclid Heights Bl. Suite 3, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118 - Phone: (216) 926-3162 - Email: -

Sword & Sigil - Western Metaphysical shop. Located at 114 N. Lincoln St. Port Angeles, Wa. 98362 - Let Sword & Sigil be your suppler for Tarot, incense, books, candles, herbs, mortar and pestle, divination tools and much more to fulfill your spiritual needs. We also carry a line for Combat ready swords and armor for your theatrical competitive and reenactment needs. - Phone: (360) 452 4717 - Email: -

Cosmic Lotus - Unusual psychic readings, articles, ebooks, metaphysical and religious jokes to tickle your soul, a links directory and more! Home of Mental Yentl, the Meditation Matchmaker. ("You want I should fix you up?") - Sue Annabrooke Jones - PO Box 11251 Hilo, HI 96721 - Email: -

Starfeather - Starfeather is a Priestess and Healer, a channel of The Light, assisting in the "Global Upliftment Project". Her work assists in the Return to The Sacred Heart. Starfeather's Gallery of Sacred Art in downtown Edmonds WA, helps to inform the general public. Starfeather is a facilitator of Spiritual gatherings and ceremonies. She offers Language of Light Blessing and Vibrational Expansion with The Crystalline Heart Quartz Sphere, an amazing heart activator of the highest order. - Phone: 425-670-3778 - 201 Fifth Avenue S. Edmonds, WA 98020 - Email: -

Spirit Help - Spirit Help is designed for Spiritual Enlightenment and creative methods for holistic living. We provide One-on-One coaching for anyone interested in a new way of living, without all the baggage. - D Bennett - PO BOX 39 DEWEY, AZ 86327 - Phone: 857-6168 - Email: -

The Inner Light Shoppe - Metaphysical & Psychic Products for the Body, Mind & Spirit such as Crystal/Brass Pendulums, Spiritual Cleansing & Blessing Kits, Candles, Incenses, Instructional Books, Crystals, Tumbled Stones, Tapes/CDs, Scrying Mirrors, and Crystal Jewelry. - P.O. Box 214988 Auburn Hills, Michigan 48326 - Phone: 248-852-0126 - Email: -

Melanie Moore - Intuitive Life Coach Spiritual Consultant - Consultations and channelled Ebook. This site is for you if you are serious about dealing with your sensitivities and emotional baggage so allowing you to create positive life changes.The Life Coach training and psychic/spiritual perspective combined have incredible results with empowering and re-energising people like yourself to move confidently and successfully forward. I have recieved positive feed back from every client worked with because I genuinely care about you and go that extra mile. - Melanie - 4 Sedemuda Raod, Sidmouth, Devon Ex10 9YA - Phone: 01395 516119 - Email: -

Affirming Self As Goddess - Tools to assist women and girls in becoming goddess-realized beings: Soul Path Readings, Medicine Basket Readings and other oracle readings, goddess affirmations, goddess sanctuary, ebooks, articles, goddess gallery, a Pele sighting, jokes and more! - Sue Annabrooke Jones - PO Box 11251 Hilo, HI 96721 - Email: - -

Inner-Space Scapes - Visionary Art by Arthur Douet : Douets'transcendental paintings speak of the eternal constant being the Divine Essence and the oneness of all life forms. This unity is the basis of his paintings, portraits and his teachings. He was trained at Ecole Des Beaux Arts in Paris and has been exhibiting, teaching, and lecturing internationally for the past 40 years. He believes that in each individual there is a great reservoir of creative potential waiting to be tapped. - Arthur Douet - 11611 River Oaks Trail, Austin Texas 78753 - Phone: 512-339-1852 - Email: -

Tarot Card Readings by Rita - Tarot Card Readings are similar to a myth or parable and decribes your Life Path. The true purpose of the Tarot is to construct a future narrative and make decisions to change your fate. - Rita Smith - PO Box 5174 - Quartzsite, AZ 85359 - Phone: 661 301-7144 - Email: -

Inner Journeys Hawaii - Comprehensive educational natural health resource guide, providing an integrated approach to holistic health: massage therapies, deep tissue, Lomi Lomi, Swedish, Reiki, essential oil treatments, health coaching, astrology, spiritual counseling, Shamanic Healing Natural and powerful techniques with no adverse side effects. -

Bridging The Mind - Metaphysical -Life Coaching - Are your beliefs, and thoughts stressing you out? Do you question your relationships, money, and love? Have you ever asked yourself what is true for you? Deep down we all hunger for truth, let us help you find your freedom. 4 questions and a turnaround. Sherri - Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie - Phone: 541-550-7172 - Email: -

Raven Duclos Psychic Services - Raven is a medium and psychic consultant. Services she provides are: Medium and Tarot readings, past life readings, pet readings, house and business investigations and clearings, lectures, classes and much more. - Raven Duclos - Phone: 603.666.3030 - Email: -

Psychic/Spiritual Consultants - Loretta Marie and Friends. Remote (at a distance) Spiritual Healings and Psychic/Spiritual Readings by Email: Tarot Cards, Clairvoyant, LAuric, Crystal Ball, Tea Leaves, Past Lives, I Ching, Runes, Palm, Numerology, and much more. - Phone: 248-852-0126 - Email: -

Claudio - Circle of Psychics has been the leading provider of online psychic reading since 1999. Our psychic readers specialize in; psychic phone readings, live psychic chat and email psychic readings. - Phone: 604-718-5556 - 307 - Vancouver, British Columbia - Email: -

What Is Metaphysics? - A Free online metaphysical/spiritual community that contains free metaphysical email mini courses, free spiritual ebooks, a free philosophical bi-monthly ezine, and much more... - Phone: 2502128951 - 3834 Capozzi Road - Kelowna, BC V1W3L2 - Email: -

Mystical-Minds - Mystical minds features topics that lead to the enlightenment of the soul - Email: -

Life Magick - Free information about conscious creation, the art of manifesting your desires like powerful magic with your mind power. Submit your new age site to our directory for free. - Email: - California 90210 -

Tarot By Arwen - Free one card tarot readings as well as in-depth spreads to help you find answers to questions on love, live and fortune. Custom designed spreads to target your needs. Articles on various Tarot subjects such as individual cards, how to begin to read, etc. Professional psychic with over 23 years of experience. - Stephanie Arwen Beck - Phone: 303-246-3855 - 17615 W. 16th Avenue #1-304 - Golden, CO 80401 - Email: -

Sacred Healing Light - A website for healing,readings, and on line classes including Reiki and Crystal classes. - Suzanne Roloff - 5417 Dahlen Dr. Madison, Wisconsin 53705 - Email: -

One Reiki - Worldwide distance Reiki training - the Reiki site where YOU decide the course fees! - Berkshire SL6 4PE - Email: -

Tree of Life Reiki Center - Distance online courses in Reiki & other healing modalities worldwide. - Wanda Eagleton - 5274 W. St. John Rd. Glendale, AZ 85308 - Phone: 602-375-9090 - Email: -

Avalon Risen - Pagan, metaphysical, occult store online featuring Pagan books, jewelry, ritual tools, music, Goddess studies - with percentage of profits helping to save Coast Redwoods from extinction. - 1139 Peachwood Court, Medford, OR 97501 - Phone: 541-218-9100 - Email: -

Patinkas - UK-based, superb, award-winning, online store offering gemstone jewellery and top quality crystals. Extensive Healing Tools section, Gem Essences, Pet's Corner, Kid's Corner, Rough & Tumbles, Healing & Therapies + free info and features. - Hampshire, UK, GU34 1SA - Email: -

Klarissa Klar - Information and Links to Alternative and Matural treatments for Body, Mind and Spirit - P O Box 102, Sydney, NSW 2001- Email: -

Bearfoot Healing - Bearfoot Healing offers Energy/Metaphysical healing in the form of Reiki, Satori Breathing, Affirmations, Chakra Tune-ups, Spiritual Path Coaching, workshops with Inner World Seminars. - Rev. Christopher Hunter, 312 W Galena St, PO BOX 1188 Granite Falls, WA 98252 - Phone: 425-387-5307 - Email: -

Dr Melanie Moore. Ph.D. - Melanie is a highly trained, talented & accurate UK Mystic, author, psychic, medium, clairvoyant, energy healing channel and spiritual teacher. Empowering you to love and live your life by giving you the truth and helping you actualize your full potential. - 4 Sedemuda Road, Sidmouth UK, EX10 9YA - Phone: 01395 516119 - Email: -

Talking To Spirit - New channeling every day from Guides and Folk in Spirit. A refreshing and sometimes humorous look at valid advice for everybody. Channeled material, Readings, Recipes, Tips on How to Channel and an Archived Collection of Daily Channeling. -

Angels Awakening - Transformational tools for body, mind and spirit -

EmpoweringWords - EmpoweringWords and MittenString Theory are daily practices that assist humans on their journey of well-being. Soon the site will be offering individual and group classes relating to practicing, in daily life, in the moment words, thoughts and actions that will foster unconditional Love for oneself and the rest of Life. -

The Energy Connection - Akashic Consultations & Energy Work by Leslee J. Klinsky - Renowned Akashic Records Consultant, Leslee J. Klinsky, works with famous authors, musicians, actors, and innovators worldwide, and all who seek clarity and guidance. She specializes in sessions that combine the wisdom of the Akashic Records with potent energy block releases for soul-level empowerment. -

Born to Manifest - By now you've heard about The Secret, the movie featured on Larry King, Ellen DeGeneres, and Oprah. It's message has existed throughout the history of mankind. and several exceptional men and women who discovered the secret; the Law of Attraction, went on to become known as the greatest people who ever lived. Simply put, the Law of Attraction states, I attract to my life whatever I give my energy, attention and focus to... whether good or bad! - Born to Manifest explains the Law of Attraction in simple terms, and most importantly, gives you the tools to stop attracting what you don't want in your life, as well as the techniques to deliberately manifest what you do! - You deserve this information and I'm grateful to offer it to you. Apply this amazing process and change your life. You were Born to Manifest.

Universal Laws Today - Discusses the Laws of Attraction and Deliberate Creation and how to apply them for success and happiness. Dozens of free ebooks, articles, and links to great websites. -

Sou Intent - Spiritual Counseling, Intuitive Consultations & Life Coaching for all of lIfe's transitions. -

Wilson's Psychic Helps - A new, growing, area of psychic healing and helps. Psychically imbued jewelry to improve your health and well-being. Control Pain, Heal Faster (and resist to disease), Increase Energy, Attract People, Anti-Depression, Shielding (both psychic and physical), Raise your I. Q. and more. -

Infinity Psychic Services - Infinity Psyhcic Services offers professional reading ot help you with the things that you are concerned with. Types of readings include: psychic readings, tarot, dream interpretation, numerolgy, and more. Readings are offered live or by email and you cna choose voice or text for your reading. -

Sacred Step Healing - Danita Wind Song's Sacred Step Healing - Reiki, Energy, Psychic Reading, Shaman Healing -

Whispering Winds Press - The book Courageous Souls: Do We Plan Our Life Challenges Before Birth? by Robert Schwartz contains ten true stories of people who planned physical illness, having handicapped children, deafness, blindness, drug addiction, alcoholism, losing a loved one, and severe accidents. The book presents the actual conversations people had with their future parents, children, spouses, friends, and other loved ones when together they planned the challenges they would experience in their upcoming lifetimes. -

A Life by Design - Linda Kay Marchena - Life Design Consultant, Over 40 years experience in Metaphysics. Available Services are: A Life By Design Online Travel Agency, Accurate Business Systems Bookkeeping (ABS), Aura Video Consultant, Awareness Group, Energy Healing, Feng Shui, Home Staging, Feng Shui Interior Redesign, Hypnotherapy, Minister, Notary Public, Loan Signing, PrePaid Legal, Spiritual Advisor. Available for Events, Parties, Classes and Seminars. Business Opportunities: A Life By Design Travel Biz and PrePaid Legal. Accepts payment through PayPal. Phone Number (818) 342-5547. -

Readings by Gina - I offer quality email tarot readings for a low price. For more information please check out my website. -

The Shadowed Realm - My site gives information regarding the readings and classes I offer. I also have a blog I update regularly and a links section to help people further their Spiritual growth. -

Authentic Palmistry - Authentic Palmistry. A reading will shed light on current matters, influences, possible directions, and personal life cycles. -

Mistic Heaven - We provide a variety of Wiccan & Pagan products range from accessories, jewellery, books, CDs, DVDs and much more! -

Linda Penny - I am an energy worker... I work on all levels and dimenisons to bring the body, mind and spirit into balance. -

Once Aponder Time - We carry Crystals, Thangkas, Tibetan Jewelry, and Incences for Body, Mind, and Soul Growth. Namaste. -

My Past Life - Experience the Mystery & Adventure of a REAL Past Life Regression Right Now... in the Comfort and Security of Your Own Home! -

Laughing Moon Boutique - A favorite in downtown Plymouth Massachusetts. We offer Cosmic Gifts, Jewelry and Clothing from The Earth and Beyond... since 1993! You can find a bit of Magic by the Sea just one block from The Historic Plymouth Waterfront. And now our second location in the lakes region of Vacation Land in Maine. Both locations sell: Jewelry, Minerals, Timeless Clothing, T shirts, Fairies, Cards, Prints, Hemp Goods, Hats, Handbags, Goddess goods, Celestial items, Pottery, Local Craft work, Glass, Beads, Witch Balls, Candles, Incense, Sage, Oils, Tapestries, Drums, Boxes, Wind chimes, Tarot cards, Pendulums, Pocket Labyrinths, Journals, and much more. -

Tarot Meister - Certified Tarot Master: Tarot card readings by a Certified Tarot Master. Numerology profile. Crystal healing, Tarot history, spiritual Tarot, the human aura, the chakras and much, much more! A metaphysical & New Age website. -



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